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75 Best Action Words to Use on Your Resume in 2023

It’s here… the 75 Best Action Words to use on your resume in 2023!! Having a robust and polished resume is more crucial than ever in this competitive job market. One key aspect of a standout resume is the use of Action Words, Action Verbs, or Resume Action Verbs (however you may phrase it!) These […]

The Importance of Having a Professional LinkedIn Picture

On LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking site, your profile serves as your digital introduction. It’s the first point of contact you have with potential employers, clients, or professional contacts. In this realm, your LinkedIn profile photo acts as your digital handshake and first impression. Therefore, it’s vital to understand the importance of not only […]

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth it for Job Seekers?

Is LinkedIn Premium worth it for job seekers? This is a question I find myself answering frequently as I partner with clients. For the most part, my answer is a definite yes! It is a no if you are unwilling to optimize your profile and be active on the platform. LinkedIn Premium is almost always […]

What is the KIS Formula for Resume Writing

In the world of job hunting, a professional resume is your passport to securing an interview. As such, the importance of carefully crafting your resume cannot be overstated. However, with an array of experiences, skills, and qualifications to showcase, resume writing can seem like a daunting task. How can you effectively condense your professional journey […]

How to Ask a Recruiter for an Update

Being in the job market often brings along some nerve-wracking moments. A common scenario we all face is waiting anxiously for feedback after a recruiter has reached out to you about your dream role and you’ve had that first interview.  When and how to ask a recruiter for an update is of topmost concern.  If […]

What is a Master Resume?

Navigating the professional world requires tools that showcase your skills and experiences. One such essential tool is a master resume. This comprehensive document serves as a detailed record of your professional journey, encompassing all your achievements, skills, qualifications, certifications, and educational background. A well-crafted comprehensive resume is the cornerstone for tailoring specific, impactful resumes for […]

Executive Level Interview Questions – Top Questions and Answers

As an experienced business leader, you understand that executive level interview questions and answers you formulate are much more challenging. This transition from mid-level management often results in an interview process that is quite a bit different than you’ve experienced before. To learn more about the typical process, check out my article on Preparing for […]

Preparing for an Executive Interview – How To

Preparing for an executive interview is critical in today’s challenging and competitive market. Navigating this high-stakes process requires more than just highlighting your professional journey; it demands showcasing your leadership skills, strategic thinking, and adaptability in the face of challenges. This article is here to assist you, with best practices for executive job interviews, using […]

How to List Contract Work on Your Resume

In our ever-changing world, more and more people are taking up contract positions which leads to the question, how to list contract work on your resume. Contract work includes jobs like freelancing, consulting, and temporary roles. If you have worked in these areas, it’s important to know how to showcase this experience on your resume. […]

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Job Search Success

Knowing how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for job search success is essential in the ever-evolving digital landscape of career opportunities. If you’re seeking new opportunities, LinkedIn is more than just an online resume – it’s a powerful platform that connects you with potential employers and helps you stand out in the competitive job market. […]

The Importance of Personal Branding in Your Job Search

The importance of personal branding in your job search is critical. But your first question may be, what is it? You know how we love certain brands because they’re special or are meaningful? It could be our favorite cookie brand that’s just the right amount of sweet, or our favorite shoe brand that makes running […]