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Career Mapping Tool

Career Mapping Tool Please click the above link to gain access to the PDF of the Career Mapping Tool. If you would prefer I send you an email with this document in a Word or PDF format please contact me at:

2014 New Years Resolutions

As we transition into a new year I always take a few hours to contemplate my previous year. I find it’s easy to fall prey to what I didn’t do and what mistakes I made but I force myself to focus on my successes too. Nothing energizes me more than building my next year’s plan […]

2013 Job Searching Blues

It’s dark outside, and if you’re in my neck of the woods, it’s below freezing too, traffic will be a bear between the black ice and snow, and worst yet, you’re still hoping to fulfill your 2013 New Year’s Resolution – landing a new job because let’s face it, it’s a challenge to go to […]

The Value of a Professional Resume Writer

I had an interesting conversation the other day with an acquaintance about the value of a professional resume writer. In this industry, like many, there are believers and there are doubters. Take me for example; I believe I can paint walls so why would I hire a professional house painter? Well, my plans for painting […]

How’s your attitude?

Are you frustrated with your job or your job search? Be honest with yourself, how long have you been frustrated? Could it possibly be your attitude? This week I’ve had a few discussions with a couple of acquaintances who are exasperated with their job search and current working situations. Wondering what they’ve done wrong and […]

Job Numbers is Proof U.S. Economy Is Not Recovering

This last week the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced the latest numbers on unemployment in the United States. Michael Lombardi on discusses what this announcement really means. To read his full article, click here. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the “official” unemployment rate in the U.S. economy decreased to 7.5% in […]

Your Resume File Name

I have briefly touched on the subject before but after hearing firsthand what potential employees were doing I decided to write an entire blog post on the subject.  It may seem obvious but apparently not that obvious! That is, what you call your file names when submitting for job postings. I thought I had heard […]

5 Ways to Stay Strong During Unemployment

Many of us have been unemployed at some point and it truly is not fun. Well, let’s be honest, the first few days aren’t too bad… catching up on some movies and shows, moping around the house eating ice cream, chocolate, drinking beer… but eventually it kicks in and the fun first few days are […]

Lateness… Is it really that important?

A while back I happened to catch a small snippet of an Oprah show where she was talking about lateness. Essentially the message was- You being late tells the other person that you value your time more than theirs. Before arguments erupt, I realize that occasionally being late is out of your control, but think […]