Category: Job Searching

Accepting the Job Offer

It’s amazing how exciting it is to receive an offer letter. It’s the sign that you’re almost done with your job search. Note the keyword- almost. You now have to decide if you accept or decline. During the interviewing process you will find that at some point the question of salary range comes up. This […]

Figuring Out Your Salary Range

Job searching seems to be one of the most complicated tasks these days and it is so difficult to know where to start. The obvious place to start is to put together your resume, figure out your goals, what your ideal next move is, and then begin. Many forget that you also want to put […]

How to Apply For Jobs via E-mail

Take a breath and smile, you’re done preparing your perfectly tailored cover letter and resume for that exciting position. Now all you need to do is apply. The question is, how do you apply for a position when you need to send an e-mail? Do you paste your cover letter in the body of the […]

Top 5 Resume Mistakes and How to Fix Them

There are so many articles out there about the ‘top 5 mistakes’ made on resumes but very few share solutions to fixing these mistakes. Everyone knows that one of the top 5 is spelling mistakes, but once you spell check and send, how come you’re still being dinged? Googling Top 5 mistakes, you’ll find a […]

“A Profile Picture On Your Resume!?” Having Your Resume Stand out Without Really ‘Standing Out!’

If you asked me this question ten years ago if I ever would have expected to see resumes with profile pictures on them, I would answer a quick ‘no.’ However, what about now in 2012? With the unemployment rate being so high and the competition for jobs so much more severe, would including a profile […]