Is LinkedIn Premium Worth it for Job Seekers?

Is LinkedIn Premium worth it for job seekers? This is a question I find myself answering frequently as I partner with clients. For the most part, my answer is a definite yes! It is a no if you are unwilling to optimize your profile and be active on the platform. LinkedIn Premium is almost always not worth it if you think you can just sign up, pay, and forget it.

In this article, I will dive into what is LinkedIn Premium, discuss key features, the various premium plans, and evaluate its worth for job seekers. My objective is to equip you with all the necessary information you need so you can make an informed decision about whether LinkedIn Premium is the right choice for you.

Remember, the digital era presents us with myriad options and tools to advance our careers. Understanding how to leverage these tools effectively can be a game-changer in your job search journey.

What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is a paid upgrade from LinkedIn’s basic/free account, designed to enhance your LinkedIn experience by providing additional features and insights. With different tiers tailored to various needs, LinkedIn Premium can be an invaluable resource for job seekers, business professionals, salespeople, and talent recruiters. The added features provide better insight into who’s viewing your profile, more in-depth search capabilities, and the ability to directly message those outside of your network, among other advantages.

The four primary LinkedIn Premium plans include:

  1. Premium Career: This plan is specifically designed for job seekers. It provides valuable tools for job applications, insights into who’s viewed your profile, and the ability to send InMail to recruiters.
  2. Premium Business: This plan is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses looking to grow their network and gain industry insights.
  3. Sales Navigator: As the name suggests, this plan caters to sales professionals, helping them find and build relationships with potential clients and customers.
  4. Recruiter Lite: This plan is designed for recruiters, making it easier for them to find, connect with, and manage potential candidates.

For job seekers, the Premium Career plan is most relevant. It’s designed to boost visibility, provide insights into the competitive landscape of job applications, allow direct communication with recruiters, and so much more! The best thing about LinkedIn Premium is that LinkedIn is forever customizing and providing new features including a recent option to let companies know (privately) that you’re interested in working with them in the future!

In the following sections, I will break down LinkedIn Premium features for ‘Career’, demonstrate how these can be advantageous for job seekers, and discuss whether the benefits justify the investment.

Breaking Down LinkedIn Premium Features for LinkedIn Career

LinkedIn Premium Career offers a suite of powerful features designed to enhance and hopefully shorten your job search. Each feature aims to provide you with greater capabilities and deeper insights that can help you stand out in a competitive job market. According to LinkedIn in 2023, “Premium members are 2.6x more likely to get hired on LinkedIn.”LinkedIn


One of the standout features of LinkedIn Premium Career is InMail. InMail allows you to directly contact anyone on LinkedIn, regardless of whether they’re in your network or not. This can be particularly beneficial when you wish to reach out to a potential employer or a recruiter directly. I will admit that this feature is oftentimes overlooked and even forgotten but with the right strategy, you can learn to use this tool to increase your visibility and network. I recommend creating a basic ‘script’ and modifying it based on the individual you wish to send an InMail to. Maybe you went to the same school, work in similar industries, or hold a similar certification. Touching on a key similarity in your message shows genuineness and proof that you spent time reviewing their background.

It’s important to note, in 2023, you receive 5 InMail credits per month.

Who’s Viewed Your Profile:

This feature allows you to see who has viewed your profile in the last 90 days. The list includes full names and links to profiles of people who’ve checked you out. This insight can be very useful, as it can help you understand where your profile is gaining traction. Please note, if someone is in private mode on LinkedIn, you will not be able to see their information whether you pay for Premium or stay on Basic/Free.

Featured Applicant:

As a LinkedIn Premium Career member, your job applications gain a highlighted status, making you a ‘Featured Applicant’. This gives you a significant edge by increasing your visibility to hiring managers or recruiters.

Job Applicant Insights:

With LinkedIn Premium Career, you get to see how you stack up against other applicants for jobs. You get information about where you stand in terms of education, years of experience, and skills among other applicants.

Job Search Filters:

LinkedIn Premium Career offers advanced search filters for job search, helping you find the most suitable job opportunities with precision.

Salary Insights:

This feature provides detailed information about salary and compensation for the job you’re interested in or similar roles in the industry. This can be beneficial during salary negotiations.

Open Profile:

This feature allows any LinkedIn member to see your full profile and reach out to you for free. Thus, it makes you more approachable to potential employers or connections.

Unlimited Searching:

As a LinkedIn Premium member, one of the most powerful features at your disposal is the ability to conduct unlimited searches. This is particularly beneficial when researching potential employers, industry trends, or hunting for the right job opportunities. The free LinkedIn version has a limit on the number of searches you can perform, but with Premium, you can dig as deep as you need, making it a potent tool for in-depth market research and strategic job hunting. This unrestricted access to information can help you identify the right opportunities and connections, aiding in the achievement of your career goals.

LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn Premium Career gives you access to LinkedIn Learning, an online platform offering numerous courses on a wide range of subjects. This can be an excellent way to learn new skills or strengthen existing ones, enhancing your employability.

Each of these features is designed to provide job seekers with a competitive edge, making your profile more visible, approachable, and attractive to potential employers and recruiters. What’s more exciting, LinkedIn continues to evolve the Premium services to make them more and more enticing. This portion may answer the question, is LinkedIn Premium worth it for job seekers? As a premium member for over a decade, I would overwhelmingly say, it’s a valuable tool if you know how to use it well.

*Job Alerts:

With the Job Alerts feature, you can set up notifications to keep you informed about new job postings. This allows you to be one of the first to apply to fresh opportunities, getting you ahead of the pack. A useful tip: When setting up a job alert, consider changing the ‘Date Posted’ setting to 24-hours. That way, when you receive an email daily, you’ll mostly see new opportunities that have been posted recently, ensuring you always stay in the loop. This is not a Premium add-on but I like to highlight this feature as it is oftentimes not used to best maximize your time.

The Advantages of LinkedIn Premium for Job Seekers

LinkedIn Premium Career is engineered to provide distinct advantages that can supercharge a job seeker’s pursuit. Let’s delve into how its features can be beneficial for job seekers:

  1. Direct Outreach: InMail allows you to directly reach out to hiring managers or recruiters. You can provide a personal touch to your job application and increase your chances of getting noticed.
  2. Competitive Edge: Knowing who’s viewed your profile can help you tailor your approach, and job applicant insights offer a glimpse into how you fare against other candidates.
  3. Negotiation Power: With salary insights, you’re better equipped to negotiate your compensation package. I recommend that you review other sites as well to determine the salary range. Two options include and
  4. Continuous Learning: LinkedIn Learning gives you access to a myriad of courses, aiding in skill enhancement and professional growth.
  5. Higher Visibility: As a featured applicant, you’re more likely to catch the attention of employers.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth it for Job Seekers?

Determining the worth of LinkedIn Premium for job seekers is not a one-size-fits-all answer. It largely depends on your career goals, job search strategies, and the value you place on the additional features.

For some, having access to features like InMail, Applicant Insights, achieving higher placement in applications, and Salary Insights is important. This allows them to tailor their job search and applications more effectively and negotiate better compensation. However, for others, the free version of LinkedIn might serve their needs sufficiently. Especially if they’re not in active job search mode or are already in a network-rich environment.

In my opinion, LinkedIn Premium is worth it for the simple fact that you are increasing your visibility. Who doesn’t want a recruiter to find you instead of you doing all the work! However, you will want to make sure your profile is optimized and that you are active on LinkedIn.

Check out my article on How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile. You will learn more about how you can effectively create a profile and remain active on LinkedIn.


So, is LinkedIn premium worth it for job seekers? It is a powerful tool that offers advanced features and insights that can significantly improve your job search strategy. The ability to directly connect with hiring managers, understand how you stack against other candidates, gain insights on salaries, and learn new skills are all potential game-changers in the pursuit of your career goals.

However, the value of LinkedIn Premium is subjective, heavily dependent on your unique career objectives and job search strategies.

In a nutshell, LinkedIn Premium opens a new dimension of possibilities in the digital job market. Its benefits are substantial, but its worth hinges on your individual situation. Consider your career trajectory, evaluate your options, and make an informed decision.

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