How the Process Works

New Client Process:

I know you’re incredibly busy so let me simplify my process! If you’re ready to move forward and dive in to the phone interview…

  1. Purchase: Your first step is to simply add to cart and purchase via my website the package that best fits your needs. If you are looking for a custom option please reach out to me via phone or email for us to discuss other services you were considering. Please note, payment is required prior to scheduling.
  2. Interview Schedule: Once I am notified of your purchase I will reach out (the same/next business day) with my next available appointment times. I provide interviews Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Central time) unless specific requests have been made. Please contact me directly if you have questions about current schedule timelines – [email protected] or call/text: 612-276-3821.
  3. Phone Interview: I do not require you to fill out an intake questionnaire prior to the interview (a rarity in my field) and instead prefer to spend ~2 hours discussing your background/achievements/goals versus. I am incredibly ROI-focused and believe that my approach is much more efficient (and preferred) than requiring you to spend hours writing answers to pages of questions. If you feel it is important to prepare for the interview you can look over past performance reviews, take a few high-level notes of achievements you want to discuss, and/or consider what your ‘unicorn’ role is as a starting point for me to develop your strategy.
  4. Receive Documents: You will receive the first draft of your resume 1 week after the phone interview and any additional documents such as LinkedIn profile, Networking Emails, or Cover Letter service within 2 weeks.
  5. Revision Period: In general, the revision period is approximately 2-3 weeks. However, I understand that you are busy and have work/life to manage also so as long we communicate I am flexible with extending the revision period and finalizing at a pace that works best for you.
  6. LinkedIn Training: If you opted for my LinkedIn services, during the revision period we will schedule and complete the tactical LinkedIn training that focuses on boosting your visibility, understanding and changing your settings, and navigating the Premium options. This is an immersive and heavily you-focused training via Microsoft Teams where you can share your screen so I can speak specifically to your profile and results.

Ongoing Partnership:

What’s next after we ready you for your potential move? I provide ongoing guidance and support through multiple means –

  1. Interview Coaching: I offer 30 and 60 minute interview coaching sessions if you feel you’re a little rusty and wish to brush up on how you answer specific questions (such as: tell me about yourself and what is your leadership style). Alternatively, you may have a few interviews scheduled and want to strategize on potential questions you may be asked and design a strategy of questions you can arm yourself with based on the interviewee’s backgrounds.
  2. Accountability & Career Coaching: My unique accountability coaching can be designed based on what you feel works best for you. It could be a weekly or monthly check-in for 30 minutes to ensure you’re working towards your career progression goals, a debrief on an interview you just had, or a one-off meeting to discuss a challenge/opportunity you may be facing.
  3. Career Materials Updates: Once you’re ready to update your career materials with your newest position and/or recent achievements please reach out to me to learn about my two service options – the Traditional approach of completing a phone interview and going through the same process like a new client, or my popular email-only communication approach where we update without needing to meet.
  4. Other: I provide a variety of services that compliment your career materials such as a ‘One Pager’ networking resume, PowerPoint decks for interviews, assistance with 30/60/90 plans, and other unique and custom requests!