Working with Kerry was an absolute game-changer. Within 48 hours for of working with Kerry I had two job offers for over 2x my current compensation. Kerry is a meticulous proof-reader, and is highly experienced in numerous hiring, negotiating, and interviewing strategies. She’s smart, strategic, extremely responsive and has an unbelievable ability to precisely understand where you are in your current process and prepare you for what’s coming next. In my situation, she unknowingly prepared me for so much more than I initially considered or expected. She’s a true weapon you need in your job search. Period. You will feel Kerry’s love and passion for her work from your first conversation with her. The resume she wrote for me helped me negotiate a $20,000 higher salary, worth more than $200,000 over the next ten years! Hire her immediately. Best money I ever spent.

Vice President of Sales

Kerry wrote my resume and created my LinkedIn page for me. Her understanding of professional job titles, roles, and responsibilities is excellent. She is an active listener who asks great clarifying questions for an accurate and detailed product. I learned how to use my LinkedIn page while working with Kerry. I recommend Kerry for her professional expertise, excellent quality of her work, and personalized customer service.

Vice President of Business Development

Entering the job market can be a daunting task. When I needed to translate my experience into my personal marketing and brand messaging, I came to Kerry to help me pull together a powerful and compelling message. Through her process, she is able to bring to light the nuances that highlight the unique, special and valued things I've done throughout my career. Beyond pulling together needed resumes and templates, she helps you navigate some of the new tools (e.g., LinkedIn) and techniques to reach the right recruiters. I highly recommend you partner with Kerry to help you create your own personal brand.

Vice President of Customer Success

Kerry is an extremely knowledgeable, personable, and creative person. Not only did she prepare my resume and Linkedin profile, she provided invaluable coaching on job search techniques, industry trends, and other strategies to help with my job search. Thank you Kerry.

Marketing Manager

When I decided to strengthen my LinkedIn presence I turned to Kerry for her strategic expertise. She thoroughly understands this branding tool and how to use it. Whether you are seeking guidance, implementation, or a combination of both, Kerry is terrific! I learned a lot that has improved my overall use of LI as a great professional tool. She’s smart and is fun to work with too!

Assistant Head of School

Kerry is truly a tremendous resource...you will always get more than you expect! Her experience, consultative and collaborative approach combined with her industry knowledge is what everyone could use. From resume writing, to cover letters, to even a personal presentation playbook working with Kerry was so worth it.

Vice President of Sales

I can not say enough about Kerry. I am so grateful for her help with my career. Several years ago, when we met, I was exiting business ownership and looking to get into the workforce. That pivot was very difficult for me. Her coaching, integrity and passion for helping people was inspiring. Over the last several years, I have made the Presidents Club, and I have enjoyed the job roles I have pictured with her help. If your career is ready to pivot and you need a coach and a good person to work with, I highly recommend Kerry. Cheers!

Sales Professional

Well, I don't know where to begin when it comes to the work that Kerry does. My experience working with Kerry was and is second to none. Nowadays when people are so focused on money, Kerry on the other hand is focused on helping you land your ideal job. Within about a month of working with Kerry, I landed a job. So, if you are looking to make a career change, and need someone to make your resume say what you have done as well as what you are interested in, Kerry is the person to contact. You will also have a friend who will be available when you are in need.

Agile Coach/Consultant

As a returning customer of Simply Great Resumes I am compelled to write my 2nd testimonial about the great work and phenomenal service I have received from Kerry Gustafson. As I quoted in my in my first testimonial “Without a doubt Kerry exceeded my expectations regarding the time and professional advice she game me on my resume update. She was outstanding with the questions she asked me so she could easily draw out of me the true picture of my career and accomplishments. Kerry is a master at taking this information and building a resume I am proud of. Not only was I ecstatic with my new resume I was equally impressed with what she did to improve my LinkedIn profile.” After Kerry prepared my first resume I referred two of my peers (VP of Operations, VP of Supply Chain) to her who also used her services and they were just as pleased as I was. It doesn’t stop there though. I had Kerry help my step-son who is a junior in business at Temple write his resume in anticipation of internships and graduation. He received compliments from the career center that this was one of the best resumes they have seen. Last, Kerry also helped my son, an early career professional update his resume as he was preparing to make a change in his career and move to Denver. With his new resume in hand he landed his next career opportunity within two weeks of his move. For me, Kerry has now updated my resume for the second time and the results were just as amazing as the first time. Thank you again for the time, attention and passion you put into my project as well as my peer’s and my family’s projects

Vice President of Human Resources

Kerry is an outstanding professional. I was looking to take a turn into a new career direction and needed serious help on how to write my resume properly so I reached out to Kerry. Not only did she exceed my exceptions as a resume writer she was an outstanding adviser in my career search. She gave me great tips and insight on how companies prospect for candidates in today's fast-paced media driven world. She empathizes with the stress of a career change and is a colleague with whom I will continue a professional relationship.

Director of Enterprise Sales

Simply Great Resumes helped me recraft my resume into a succinct and powerful document that got the attention of hiring managers. Prior to my work with Kerry, my resume was filled with too much information, a "catch-all" for all the accomplishments I thought I had to include in the resume. Kerry showed me how to pare down the resume to the most important characteristics and points, and made it eye-catching and useful to hiring managers. Kerry was a joy to work with; I recommend her and Simply Great Resumes to anyone that feels the need for a resume makeover.


Kerry’s guidance and creation of a suite of products for me has made a positive impact in my career. It helped to refocus my direction and gave me tools to move forward. Her perspective and how to showcase a professional is world class

Workplace Improvement Expert

Simply Great Resume’s was the perfect match for me. I was looking to test the market and see what was out there to further my career. Kerry Gustafson's work is second to none! Kerry has a way with words that I could only dream of having. She transformed my dull resume into a professional document that showed my skills in a way that I couldn’t help but be proud of my own accomplishments after reading it. Knowing that I had this powerful first impression that perfectly displayed my skills allowed me to not only look at positions of a lateral move, but also for positions of elevated status from my current. Simply Great Resume’s gave me the tools and confidence to elevate my career. For that, I thank Kerry.

Sr. Network Engineer

Simply Great Resumes was exactly that: Simply Great. My resume was written very professionally and they truly showed an attention to any detail that I asked about or had a concern with. Since using this service I have the confidence to find a great new job in a very timely manner. The entire process was completely hassle free which was a big relief. I highly recommend using this service to anyone looking for a new job or just looking to update a current resume.

General Manager

It has been my pleasure to work directly with Kerry Gustafson and Simply Great Resumes. Kerry provided me with excellent service. She is a pleasure to work with: smart, personable, thoughtful, honest and direct. I was particularly impressed with her knowledge of hiring practices and social networking tools such as LinkedIn. Selecting Simply Great Resumes was a great decision and Kerry was very helpful to me.


Working with Kerry was a fantastic experience. Her hands-on assistance in revamping both my resume and LinkedIn profile was critical in my job search for a fulltime position after I graduated from college. With Kerry’s advice, I was better able to show my core competencies to potential employers who previously would often pass over key details in my application. When it came time to apply for a job I really wanted, the changes made to both my resume and LinkedIn profile translated into my application sticking out from hundreds of other applicants who were competing against me. I eventually landed that job and I look forward to working with Kerry again on my next resume.

General Manager

Simply Great Resumes brought my resume into the here and now and transformed my experience into a personal brand. This wasn't just done with words on paper but through a meaningful and tactical process of discovery and coaching. Most important to me through all of it was the confidence Kerry Gustafson helped instill in me as I prepared to take my career to the next level.

Vice President of Information Technology

My situation was very peculiar. After finishing graduate studies I stayed home to take care of my kids for 5 years. As a result of Kerry’s strategies and impeccable work, I began receiving invitations for job interviews, which was not happening when submitting my original resume. A month and a half after the first phone consultation with Kerry, I started working as an engineer for a Fortune 500 company. I’m extremely happy to have found Simply Great Resumes.

Software Engineering Manager

Simple Great Resumes has been a wonderful resource while trying to start a new career. I was unsure where to start with even updating my resume, but Simply Great Resumes answered all my questions and produced a phenomenal resume that I am very proud to pass on to possible future employers. Simple Great Resumes made my resume in a very timely manner and even went so far as to recommend possible businesses and gave me other resources to use in the job search. I have been more than impressed and would highly recommend Simple Great Resumes to anyone looking for some help with their resume.

Talent Acquisition Manager

I thought I had created a decent resume while I was in college but as I was applying for jobs I didn’t get much response. I felt like I needed to change my resume so it would convey to employers my strengths and skills. I handed my resume over to Simply Great Resumes. Simply Great Resumes quickly transformed my resume into one that is eye catching for employers. I sent my resume out and within a couple days received a response, an interview, and a job! Thank you Simply Great Resumes for making my job search quick and painless!


Because of your excellent resume skills I applied to the company I am at now and the next day they wrote me interested in interviewing immediately! My job search was completed in less than a week" Just wanted to tell you and thank you!


Simply Great Resumes helped me tackle the daunting, yet unavoidable task of making my first "professional" resume. As a graduating senior entering a competitive job market, I knew I needed a way to highlight my assets and set myself above and beyond my competitors - Simply Great Resumes did just the trick. My resume was not only an exemplary and accurate representation of my education and experience but did so in an eloquent, yet concise manner. In addition the staff was approachable, honest and had a quick turnaround. My new resume gives me assurance I need to enter the job market with confidence and because of this I would recommend Simply Great Resumes to anyone hoping to gain a competitive and uniquely, professional edge.


I had been using the same resume since I graduated college 7 years ago. I had been skeptical of resume writing services but I felt I needed the help of a professional. The quick tunaround and complete remake of my resume was truly impressive! I have been getting contacted by recruiters without even sending my resume out. That never happened before. I no longer think twice about how my resume will be received because I know how professional it looks. I am definitely glad I contacted Simply Great Resumes and would recommend anyone else searching for a new job to do the same!

Sr. Contract Analyst

After not needing to edit or pay attention to my resume for many years, I felt the need to seek some professional advice. My resume improved greatly but the best part was talking to someone who knew much more about it than I did. My resume editor was extremely helpful, courteous, and genuinely interested in what I wanted to accomplish. I would recommend the service to anyone who is interested in highlighting their talents/ experience.


Simply Great Resumes has tackled the unnerving struggle of finding the words to clearly, concisely, and accurately reflect what skills I have to offer with incredible ease and tact. Negotiating the specific terminology of my industry was handled without any road bumps. The resulting work was surprisingly more reflective of me and my industry than I was able to articulate myself! As a professional third-party resource with friendly, approachable staff, Simply Great Resumes will quickly come up in conversations I have with anyone considering new career opportunities.

Design Project Manager

It took a long time and 3 interviews, but I got the promotion! The investment I made hiring you was more than worth it. I’ll be getting paid $XK more per year and I’ll be doing my dream job. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance. You are a very talented resume writer.


I contacted Simply Great Resumes recently to give my resume a jump start on a career change. After speaking with Kerry, she revamped my résumé and gave me confidence to submit applications. Prior to working with Kerry at Simply Great Resumes, I was always timid about submitting my résumé to companies. I now am confident that I am one step ahead of the others.