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How To Add Symbols and Bullets to LinkedIn

Have you ever seen someone’s LinkedIn account and wondered how they added fun characters to really make their profiles pop? Unfortunately there is no ‘bullet button’ in LinkedIn, just like there isn’t a way to italicize, underline, or bold words. Your profile is in all essence, an unformatted document. But, there are ways to add […]

LinkedIn Endorsements – What is this about!?

I have been questioned about LinkedIn’s new feature called endorsements for some time and felt it was time to do some research and add my opinions in the form of a blog. Endorsements seem to be coming in left and right and many of you are wondering what you should do – do you need […]

Are You a LinkedIn® Member?

Almost 4 years ago I took the plunge and opened a LinkedIn® account. Not really knowing the purpose of LinkedIn®, I essentially went through the steps without much consideration. At the time I was thinking- “This will be great, I’ll open the account and connect with past employees and acquaintances and not do anything more.” […]