How to Repost on LinkedIn

Do you know how to repost on LinkedIn? This is a common question many professionals ponder as they navigate the bustling world of this premier networking platform. With millions vying for visibility, reposting emerges as a potent tool to amplify your messages and engage with a broader audience. In this guide, we’ll unpack the how to repost on LinkedIn, ensuring you maximize reach while maintaining the essence of shared content. Whether you’re well-versed with LinkedIn’s features or just embarking on your digital networking journey, mastering the reposting technique can significantly elevate your profile’s influence and engagement.

The Mechanics of Reposting

Navigating the world of LinkedIn can sometimes feel like deciphering a digital puzzle. There’s sharing, commenting, and then there’s reposting. Let’s break down these distinctions and dive into the nuts and bolts of how to repost effectively.

  • Commenting vs. Reposting (Sharing):
    • Commenting: Engaging directly with the content by leaving feedback, questions, or adding to the discussion below the post.
    • Reposting: This involves creating a new post of your own that incorporates elements or full content from another post, often with your take, insights, or reasons for resharing.
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Reposting on LinkedIn:
    1. Find the Content: Navigate to the original post you wish to repost.
    2. Click on Repost
    3. Determine if you want to add comments/thoughts: As shown above, click on either Repost with your thoughts so you can add additional content, or simply repost.
    4. Add Your Perspective: If you decided to add your thoughts, above the item you wish to repost, include your comments, insights, or reasons for reposting. This adds a personal touch and context to the reshared content. 
    5. Post: Once satisfied with your composed message, click ‘Post’ to share with your network.

Remember, while the mechanics might seem straightforward, the real magic lies in the intention behind your repost and the value it offers to your audience.

Why Reposting on LinkedIn is Beneficial

Reposting on LinkedIn isn’t just about amplifying a message or rehashing content. It offers several tangible benefits both for personal branding and for engaging effectively with your professional community.

  1. Showcase Thought Leadership:
    • By reposting and adding your insights, you demonstrate that you’re not only informed but also actively engaging with industry trends and conversations.
  2. Engage with Your Network:
    • Reposting can stimulate discussions, fostering deeper connections and interactions with your network. It’s an opportunity to converse, ask questions, and delve deeper into topics of mutual interest.
  3. Increase Your Visibility:
    • Regular activity, such as reposting, ensures you remain on the radar. Your posts, especially those with engaging content, have a higher chance of appearing in your connections’ feeds.
  4. Support and Amplify Others:
    • Reposting is an excellent way to support peers, colleagues, and thought leaders in your industry. It showcases their content to a broader audience, highlighting their expertise and perspectives.
  5. Stay Updated:
    • In the fast-paced digital world, content is perpetually evolving. Reposting keeps you in the loop, ensuring you’re consistently updated with the latest industry happenings, news, and opinions.

Reposting is not just about content recirculation. It’s a tool for community building, staying informed, and positioning yourself as an active and insightful professional on LinkedIn.

Best Practices for Reposting on LinkedIn

Reposting on LinkedIn can significantly boost your online presence, but it’s crucial to approach it with tact and authenticity. Here’s how to ensure you’re reposting effectively and professionally:

  1. Always Credit Original Creators:
    • When you repost content, always give credit to the original author or source. This not only respects the creator’s efforts but also enhances your own credibility.
  2. Add Your Own Insights:
    • Merely sharing isn’t enough. Add value by including your own perspective or a fresh take on the topic. This differentiates your repost from a mere share and sparks meaningful conversations.
  3. Avoid Over-Reposting:
    • While reposting helps keep your feed active, avoid excessive reposts. Your LinkedIn should be a mix of original content, shares, and reposts.
  4. Engage with Comments:
    • If people comment on your reposts, take the time to respond and engage. This not only boosts the post’s visibility but also fosters relationships.
  5. Check the Validity:
    • Ensure the information you’re reposting is accurate and from a reputable source. Sharing misleading or false information can harm your reputation.
  6. Mind the Timing:
    • Optimal reposting times can maximize your post’s visibility. Consider when your audience is most active. Depending on your network, weekdays during business hours often see the most engagement.

By keeping these best practices in mind, your reposting efforts on LinkedIn will be more meaningful and impactful.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

While reposting on LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for engagement and thought leadership, it’s essential to avoid certain pitfalls. Mistakes can diminish your credibility and even irritate your connections. Here are some common mistakes to be cautious of:

  1. Reposting Too Frequently:
    • Constantly reposting can clutter your followers’ feeds and may be perceived as spammy. It’s important to find a balance between reposting and sharing original content.
  2. Sharing Irrelevant or Unverified Content:
    • Ensure what you’re sharing aligns with your professional persona and the interests of your network. Always double-check facts before reposting. Sharing misinformation can harm your credibility.
  3. Not Engaging with Comments or Feedback:
    • When you repost content, be prepared for reactions, both positive and negative. Engage with comments, answer questions, and acknowledge feedback. It not only boosts engagement but shows you value the input of your connections.

By sidestepping these common mistakes, you’ll ensure your reposting efforts on LinkedIn are effective and appreciated by your network.

The Ethics of Reposting

Reposting on LinkedIn can be a valuable tool, but it’s paramount to respect the boundaries of original content. Ethical considerations ensure that your reposting is seen in a positive light and maintains the integrity of the platform.

  1. Understanding Permissions and Copyrights:
    • Not every post on LinkedIn is free for the taking. Understand the nuances of copyrighted materials and ensure you have the right to share specific content. When in doubt, reach out to the original poster for permission.
  2. Respecting the Original Content Creator’s Intentions:
    • Always give credit where credit is due. Mentioning the original author or source not only acknowledges their effort but also boosts trust among your followers. Consider if reposting the content alters its original intent, and ensure your repost aligns with the creator’s message.
  3. Navigating the Line Between Inspiration and Plagiarism:
    • While it’s great to be inspired by others, directly copying or slightly modifying someone else’s content without proper attribution is plagiarism. Always ensure your reposts are genuine shares or, if inspired, give due credit and build upon the content rather than copying it verbatim.

Being ethical in your reposting practices not only safeguards your professional reputation but also builds trust and authentic engagement within the LinkedIn community.

Benefits of Effective Reposting

Harnessing the power of reposting on LinkedIn goes beyond simply sharing someone else’s content. When done strategically and ethically, reposting can yield numerous advantages for your professional brand and network.

  1. Increased Profile Visibility:
    • Every time you repost, your content reaches a new set of eyes. Whether it’s your connections or their extended network, reposting content that resonates can enhance your visibility on LinkedIn. This ensures that more users see your profile, potentially leading to opportunities and collaborations.
  2. Engagement Boost and Potential New Connections:
    • Quality reposts often garner likes, comments, and shares. This engagement not only boosts the post’s visibility but also provides a chance to interact with professionals who might not have crossed your path otherwise. These interactions can lead to valuable new connections.
  3. Establishing Thought Leadership and Industry Expertise:
    • Reposting content that aligns with your professional ethos or showcases industry trends and insights positions you as a knowledgeable figure in your field. Over time, consistent and insightful reposting can establish you as a thought leader, making others more inclined to seek your opinions and collaborate.

Leveraging these benefits, reposting becomes more than a mere action; it’s a strategic move to enhance your LinkedIn presence and professional impact.


How to repost on LinkedIn isn’t just about mechanics; it’s about strategy. By reposting strategically, you amplify your voice in the vast digital sea, reaching corners of your industry that might have remained untouched. As with any tool on LinkedIn, reposting, when done thoughtfully, can significantly boost your professional presence, allowing you to connect with new professionals and establish your expertise. Embrace this feature, but remember to always prioritize quality and relevance. The world of LinkedIn awaits your insights, so why not share and reshare the best of what you find? It’s time to enhance your networking and elevate your visibility!

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