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Clothes Don’t Matter

Twenty years ago I would have argued; what a person wears has nothing to do with how well they do their job. I would have said, it doesn’t matter if one person wears old jeans and a tee shirt and another wears an Armani suit to work, both can be just as effective. Then I […]

How’s your attitude?

Are you frustrated with your job or your job search? Be honest with yourself, how long have you been frustrated? Could it possibly be your attitude? This week I’ve had a few discussions with a couple of acquaintances who are exasperated with their job search and current working situations. Wondering what they’ve done wrong and […]

Your Resume File Name

I have briefly touched on the subject before but after hearing firsthand what potential employees were doing I decided to write an entire blog post on the subject.  It may seem obvious but apparently not that obvious! That is, what you call your file names when submitting for job postings. I thought I had heard […]

Lateness… Is it really that important?

A while back I happened to catch a small snippet of an Oprah show where she was talking about lateness. Essentially the message was- You being late tells the other person that you value your time more than theirs. Before arguments erupt, I realize that occasionally being late is out of your control, but think […]

Three Ways to Greatly Increase Your Job Search Success Rate

If you have been job searching for a while, or just starting out, there are certain things you can do that will greatly increase your chances of landing that perfect job.  These things all require a little effort on your part, but the payoff can be HUGE.  These three things will separate you from the […]

Starting Your First Week

To continue on the series from the last few weeks, job preparedness is key when starting out your first week of work. There are a few simple things you can do to ensure your first week is not only productive but also smooth sailing! These simple items include: Wednesday Start Date Review your wardrobe and […]

Accepting the Job Offer

It’s amazing how exciting it is to receive an offer letter. It’s the sign that you’re almost done with your job search. Note the keyword- almost. You now have to decide if you accept or decline. During the interviewing process you will find that at some point the question of salary range comes up. This […]