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Three Ways to Greatly Increase Your Job Search Success Rate

If you have been job searching for a while, or just starting out, there are certain things you can do that will greatly increase your chances of landing that perfect job.  These things all require a little effort on your part, but the payoff can be HUGE.  These three things will separate you from the […]

How to Apply For Jobs via E-mail

Take a breath and smile, you’re done preparing your perfectly tailored cover letter and resume for that exciting position. Now all you need to do is apply. The question is, how do you apply for a position when you need to send an e-mail? Do you paste your cover letter in the body of the […]

“A Profile Picture On Your Resume!?” Having Your Resume Stand out Without Really ‘Standing Out!’

If you asked me this question ten years ago if I ever would have expected to see resumes with profile pictures on them, I would answer a quick ‘no.’ However, what about now in 2012? With the unemployment rate being so high and the competition for jobs so much more severe, would including a profile […]

Cover Letters – Are They Optional?

Have you ever noticed when applying for positions online that you need to either upload or paste your resume, but have an ‘option’ of uploading/pasting your cover letter? How ‘optional’ is it really? Let’s not kid ourselves – if we could get out of doing it, why wouldn’t we! Job searching takes an abundance of […]