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Evaluating an Offer – Base Salary vs Total Compensation

When embarking on a job search or considering a new job offer, understanding the distinction between “base salary vs total compensation” is crucial. This knowledge not only empowers you to make informed decisions about your career but also equips you with the tools to negotiate effectively. Base salary, the fixed amount you see on your […]

How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview

“How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview” is a burning question as face-to-face interviews transition to virtual, mastering the nuances of virtual interactions is more vital than ever. While some aspects of traditional interviews remain unchanged, virtual interviews present their unique set of challenges: Setting the stage: Choosing the right location and background. Technical readiness: […]

How to Ask a Recruiter for an Update

Being in the job market often brings along some nerve-wracking moments. A common scenario we all face is waiting anxiously for feedback after a recruiter has reached out to you about your dream role and you’ve had that first interview.  When and how to ask a recruiter for an update is of topmost concern.  If […]

Executive Level Interview Questions – Top Questions and Answers

As an experienced business leader, you understand that executive level interview questions and answers you formulate are much more challenging. This transition from mid-level management often results in an interview process that is quite a bit different than you’ve experienced before. To learn more about the typical process, check out my article on Preparing for […]

Preparing for an Executive Interview – How To

Preparing for an executive interview is critical in today’s challenging and competitive market. Navigating this high-stakes process requires more than just highlighting your professional journey; it demands showcasing your leadership skills, strategic thinking, and adaptability in the face of challenges. This article is here to assist you, with best practices for executive job interviews, using […]

Be a STAR at Interviewing!

The STAR Method, an impactful strategy often utilized in behavioral interviewing, serves as a robust tool for hiring managers to probe into a candidate’s past experiences, with the objective of predicting their potential performance and behavior in the role they’re applying for. Behavioral interviewing is a technique commonly used by hiring managers to explore a […]