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Win a Free Resume!

I’m Awesome…Here’s Why October 1, 2013 at 2:33pm Looking for a job? Not having much luck? We’re hosting an “I’m awesome and here’s why” Facebook contest that could be the light at the end of your job search tunnel. All entrants will receive a free upgrade to a Premium Jobma account. One fan, the most-awesome, […]

How To Add Symbols and Bullets to LinkedIn

Have you ever seen someone’s LinkedIn account and wondered how they added fun characters to really make their profiles pop? Unfortunately there is no ‘bullet button’ in LinkedIn, just like there isn’t a way to italicize, underline, or bold words. Your profile is in all essence, an unformatted document. But, there are ways to add […]

Fall Special – Simply Great Resumes Job Seekers Package Just Got Two Times Better

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Simply Great Resumes is offering two bonus job description customization’s starting now through the end of the year. MINNEAPOLIS, MN.—Sep. 30, 2013—Simply Great Resumes, a Minneapolis-based professional resume writing company, announced today that they are changing their successful Job Seekers Package, providing two additional job description customization’s from today through the last […]

A Professional Resume Writing Service, Simply Great Resumes, Enhances Affiliate Program

Simply Great Resumes enhances their superior affiliate program by providing additional services in addition to high payouts and unmatched level of support. Minneapolis, MN — Sep. 24, 2013 — Simply Great Resumes, a Minneapolis-based professional resume writing company, announced today that they are enhancing their successful affiliate program to incorporate additional services in the professional resume writing […]

10 Powerful Resume Keywords

Every professional resume writer has a list of all-time favorite words. Generally these words spell ‘success’ and when used correctly, not only capture the reader but also shares a story. Recently speaking with a client, I was asked why I selected specific words, and my answer was simply, because I want your character to be […]

What Interviewers Wish They Could Tell Every Job Candidate

Jeff Haden hit the nail on the head with his article on “What Interviewers Wish They Could Tell Every Job Candidate.” Consider what an interview is on a very basic level, it’s a conversation, so why would you treat it any differently? Haden lists the 9 items an interviewer wants to share with the job […]

Simply Great Resumes Celebrates First Anniversary

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Kerry Gustafson of Simply Great Resumes is excited to continue helping the job seeking community as it progresses into its second year as a website company.  MINNEAPOLIS, MN.—Jul. 23, 2013—Simply Great Resumes, a Minneapolis-based professional resume writing company is marking the one-year anniversary of its launch. Since launching in June of 2012, […]

How’s your attitude?

Are you frustrated with your job or your job search? Be honest with yourself, how long have you been frustrated? Could it possibly be your attitude? This week I’ve had a few discussions with a couple of acquaintances who are exasperated with their job search and current working situations. Wondering what they’ve done wrong and […]

Simply Great Resumes Giving Back to Job Seeking Community

With a desire to help job seeking Americans, Simply Great Resumes announces a summer-long discount opportunity for the unemployed. Savings upwards of $300.00! For Immediate Release: May 21, 2013 – Minneapolis, MN – Simply Great Resumes is excited to announce a resume writing discount geared towards unemployed Americans. Unemployment is difficult and many job seekers are […]