Your Job Searching Plan

At some point or other you come to the decision that you need to start up your job search. Whether it’s an immediate need or a ‘nice to move on’ change you absolutely need to have a plan. I recommend spending a few days to a week in the initial planning stage. Ask yourself, what […]

Interview Bombing…It’s not so bad!

Have you ever left a job interview feeling utterly deflated? So much anticipation and excitement…  and in some unfortunate cases, the overwhelming desire of landing the job to free you from your current situation.  It’s heartbreaking to walk away in a daze wondering what happened. But wait, take a moment to pause and think about […]

LinkedIn Endorsements – What is this about!?

I have been questioned about LinkedIn’s new feature called endorsements for some time and felt it was time to do some research and add my opinions in the form of a blog. Endorsements seem to be coming in left and right and many of you are wondering what you should do – do you need […]

10 Best Jobs for Wage Growth

Are you in a struggling field and looking to possibly switch careers? There are a plethora of options out there but most recently, released their findings of jobs far exceeding the average wage growth. Maybe one of them is a perfect fit for you! Remember, if you’re looking to make a career change it’s […]

The Facebook Job Board Is Here

Have you heard the latest news? Facebook has launched a new social job application in partnership with the Department of Labor and other large job boards such as, BranchOut, and Jobvite. Although there were a few kinks at the beginning of the launch (November 14th), most issues have now been ironed out and the […]

To Fresh Starts!

For the job searcher on your list… The economy is still recovering and although the job market is improving, it’s not quite like it was 5-10 years ago. How many people do you know who are job searching? Or, how many have been sitting tight in a job and company they dislike waiting for the […]

Be a STAR at Interviewing!

If you settled on this week’s blog it’s because you’re wondering how best to answer behavioral interview questions. The simple answer is that you should use the STAR method. Behavioral interview questions as discussed a couple of weeks ago is simply, questions that require you to answer based on a situation. These questions can include: […]