10 Powerful Resume Keywords

Writing a resume can be a daunting task but armed with 10 powerful resume keywords will help you take your resume from average to amazing. Every professional resume writer has a list of all-time favorite words. Generally these words spell ‘success’ and when used correctly, not only capture the reader but also shares a story. […]

Simply Great Resumes Owner and Chief Resume Writer Earns CPRW Certification

For Immediate Release: Professional Resume Writer, Kerry Gustafson, earns Certified Professional Resume Writer certification. Minneapolis, MN – May 8, 2013 Simply Great Resumes, a Minneapolis, MN based professional resume writing company is excited to announce that Kerry Gustafson, Owner and Chief Resume Writer pursued and obtained Certified Professional Resume Writer status from PARW/CC (Professional Association […]

Simply Great Resumes, a Professional Resume Writing Service, Acquires Membership with The NRWA

Kerry Gustafson of Simply Great Resumes awarded membership with the NRWA. For Immediate Release: MINNEAPOLIS, MN.—Apr. 9, 2013—Owner Kerry Gustafson of Simply Great Resumes, a professional resume writing company based in Minneapolis MN, has been awarded membership of The National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA). Gustafson said, “It is an honor to be associated with the […]

Simply Great Resumes, a Professional Resume Writing Service, Acquires Membership with PARW/CC

Minneapolis, MN – March 19, 2013 – Simply Great Resumes, a Minneapolis-based professional resume writing company, announced today that they have sought out and received approval to become a member of PARW/CC – Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, joining an elite group of professional resume writers. By becoming a member of PARW/CC, Simply […]

Be a STAR at Interviewing!

The STAR Method, an impactful strategy often utilized in behavioral interviewing, serves as a robust tool for hiring managers to probe into a candidate’s past experiences, with the objective of predicting their potential performance and behavior in the role they’re applying for. Behavioral interviewing is a technique commonly used by hiring managers to explore a […]

Behavioral Questions You May Be Asked In an Interview

Behavioral interview questions are an integral part of the job interview process, used to understand how a candidate has handled specific situations in the past. The fundamental principle behind these questions is that past performance and behaviors are the best predictors of future performance. These questions typically start with phrases such as, “Tell me about […]

Job-Specific Resumes – Are they worth the time and effort?

Do you have just one general resume that you continually send out to the void and hope something sticks or do you use a job-specific resume? The great debate on resume quality versus quantity is certainly applicable when it comes to job searching. Although it is important to have a ‘general’ resume, it is equally […]