75 Best Action Words to Use on Your Resume in 2023

It’s here… the 75 Best Action Words to use on your resume in 2023!!

Having a robust and polished resume is more crucial than ever in this competitive job market. One key aspect of a standout resume is the use of Action Words, Action Verbs, or Resume Action Verbs (however you may phrase it!) These terms might sound a bit big, but they’re really just words that show what you’ve done in your past jobs or projects. They are strong, clear words that catch the attention of employers and help you stand out from the crowd.

Why are these resume action words important, you may ask? Well, they give your resume a boost by clearly showing your skills and experiences. Instead of simply listing your duties, these powerful words can show that you were active, you made things happen, and you achieved results. And we all know that’s what employers want to see! You need to embrace the results that you drive and bolster your resume so the impact is not only read but felt.

In this article, we will break down 75 of these action-packed words to help you pump up your resume.

The List of 75 Best Words:

  1. Accelerated
  2. Accomplished
  3. Achieved
  4. Administered
  5. Advised
  6. Analyzed
  7. Authored
  8. Balanced
  9. Boosted
  10. Built
  11. Collaborated
  12. Coordinated
  13. Created
  14. Delivered
  15. Designed
  16. Developed
  17. Directed
  18. Drove
  19. Enhanced
  20. Established
  21. Evaluated
  22. Executed
  23. Expanded
  24. Facilitated
  25. Forecasted
  26. Formulated
  27. Generated
  28. Guided
  29. Handled
  30. Implemented
  31. Improved
  32. Increased
  33. Innovated
  34. Instituted
  35. Integrated
  36. Led
  37. Maintained
  38. Managed
  39. Mentored
  40. Merged
  41. Mobilized
  42. Modernized
  43. Navigated
  44. Negotiated
  45. Orchestrated
  46. Organized
  47. Overhauled
  48. Oversaw
  49. Planned
  50. Produced
  51. Programmed
  52. Projected
  53. Promoted
  54. Redesigned
  55. Reduced
  56. Reorganized
  57. Resolved
  58. Reviewed
  59. Revitalized
  60. Simplified
  61. Solved
  62. Spearheaded
  63. Streamlined
  64. Strengthened
  65. Supervised
  66. Surpassed
  67. Synchronized
  68. Systematized
  69. Targeted
  70. Transformed
  71. Unified
  72. Updated
  73. Upgraded
  74. Verified
  75. Visualized

Action Words/Action Verbs

Action words, also known as action verbs or resume action verbs, are essential tools to powerfully convey your past responsibilities and achievements in your resume. Their purpose is multifold.

First, they draw a clear picture of your professional background. Action words are direct and specific; they articulate what you did in previous roles with more clarity than generic descriptions. For example, words like “led,” “coordinated,” or “resolved” provide a precise idea of the tasks you undertook, offering potential employers a snapshot of your capabilities.

Second, action words can demonstrate your impact. They can emphasize the results or changes that came about due to your work. For instance, words such as “improved,” “increased,” or “reduced” signal that you didn’t just perform tasks, but made a difference. This helps potential employers to visualize the value you might add to their organization.

Third, action words can help you stand out. Given that many applicants may have similar qualifications, using compelling action words can differentiate you from the crowd. They show that you’re proactive and engaged in your role, rather than passively fulfilling duties.

Lastly, many companies use automated systems, known as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), to filter resumes before they even reach a human eye. These systems often scan for relevant keywords, including action words. So, the right verbs could increase the chances of your resume getting noticed.

My Thoughts

In my opinion, they also give your resume energy and life. These words hit hard and resonate that you make things happen – even if you think it’s easy. They echo powerfully and resonate that you’re not just a passive participant, but an active catalyst. You’re the kind of person who rolls up their sleeves, dives in, and makes things happen, no matter how daunting the task may seem. And in this competitive job landscape, that’s exactly the kind of spirit employers are searching for!

Action Verbs for Leadership

Action verbs for leadership are particularly crucial when crafting your resume. They vividly depict your capabilities as a team leader, project manager, or any role that requires guiding others. Words such as “led,” “directed,” “coordinated,” and “supervised” suggest you’ve been trusted with important responsibilities and have experience in leading others.

When you use these verbs, you show that you’re comfortable with making decisions, delegating tasks, and managing team dynamics, all of which are key leadership skills. For instance, if you write, “Led a team of six on a successful project,” it instantly communicates that you’ve had leadership experience and your leadership led to positive results.

Moreover, these verbs can help highlight your ability to inspire and motivate others, crucial traits for any effective leader. They indicate that you’re proactive and can take the initiative, which are qualities employers often seek in candidates for leadership roles.

In a job market where leadership skills are highly prized, action verbs that demonstrate these abilities can significantly enhance your resume. By accurately portraying your leadership experiences and achievements, they can strengthen your application and increase your chances of securing leadership roles in the future.

Action Verbs for Problem Solving

Action verbs that highlight problem-solving abilities are a valuable asset on your resume. These words, such as “resolved,” “analyzed,” “improved,” or “overhauled,” exhibit your knack for identifying issues, analyzing situations, and implementing effective solutions.

When you utilize these verbs, you’re showing potential employers that you are not only capable of handling challenges, but you’re also adept at turning them into opportunities for improvement. For example, a phrase like “Analyzed user feedback and resolved ongoing software bugs” emphasizes your ability to understand a problem and implement a solution.

Such verbs also underscore your initiative and critical thinking skills, crucial components of problem-solving. They suggest that you’re a proactive individual who doesn’t wait for instructions to tackle issues but takes charge and finds solutions.

Action Verbs for Communication

Communication is a cornerstone skill in nearly all professional environments. Action verbs that signify strong communication abilities, such as “collaborated,” “negotiated,” “advised,” or “presented,” can markedly elevate your resume.

By employing these action verbs, you indicate that you possess the ability to effectively exchange information and ideas, a trait that’s highly desirable to employers. For instance, the statement “Collaborated with cross-functional teams to launch a new product” demonstrates your ability to work with diverse individuals and successfully communicate to achieve a common goal.

Additionally, these verbs showcase your interpersonal skills and your capability to interact constructively with others. They can suggest that you’re comfortable navigating different perspectives, resolving disputes, and building consensus.

In an increasingly interconnected professional world, effective communication is vital. By using action verbs that illustrate your communication prowess, you can highlight a skill that transcends industries and roles, making your resume appealing to a broad range of employers.

Action Verbs for Creativity and Innovation

Action verbs that convey creativity and innovation, like “designed,” “innovated,” “authored,” or “developed,” can add a unique spark to your resume. They display your ability to think outside the box, generate new ideas, and bring those ideas to life.

By using these words, you’re showing potential employers that you’re not just a doer, but a thinker and a creator. For instance, “Developed a new customer engagement strategy that increased retention by 20%” showcases your ability to create effective solutions and drive positive change.

These verbs also highlight your adaptability and willingness to embrace new technologies, strategies, or ideas, qualities that are highly valued in the ever-evolving modern workplace.

Action Verbs for Organization

Action verbs related to organization, like “streamlined,” “planned,” and “synchronized,” can significantly boost your resume by illustrating your ability to manage tasks efficiently and keep operations running smoothly. These words highlight your proficiency in structuring and coordinating various elements of a project or process.

When you use such verbs, you’re indicating to potential employers that you have strong organizational skills, are detail-oriented, and can handle complexity. For example, a sentence like “Streamlined operational processes, resulting in a 15% increase in efficiency” shows you can review and improve existing procedures.

These action verbs also reflect your potential to maintain order, meet deadlines, and juggle multiple responsibilities, all while keeping the bigger picture in view. In any professional setting, these are highly sought-after qualities, making these action verbs an essential addition to your resume.


So there you have it, you are armed with the 75 Best Action Words to Use on Your Resume in 2023! Infusing your resume with strategic action verbs can significantly enhance its effectiveness. Whether you’re emphasizing leadership skills with words like “directed” or “coordinated,” demonstrating problem-solving prowess with “resolved” or “analyzed,” highlighting communication abilities with “collaborated” or “negotiated,” showcasing creativity and innovation with “innovated” or “designed,” or underscoring organizational skills with “streamlined” or “planned,” these powerful words can illuminate your skills and experiences in a dynamic way.

These action words serve to make your resume more engaging and compelling to potential employers, helping you stand out in a crowded job market. Moreover, they can increase your chances of getting past automated resume screening systems, a common tool used by recruiters today.

Remember, a resume is more than a simple chronicle of your work history; it’s a tool to showcase your abilities, accomplishments, and potential. By choosing the right action verbs, you can transform your resume into a vibrant and persuasive document that not only catches an employer’s eye but also leaves a lasting impression.

So, whether you’re drafting your first resume or refining an existing one, don’t overlook the power of these action verbs. Invest time in selecting the ones that best highlight your strengths and suitability for the role. They might just be the key to landing your next job so go ahead and incorporate the best action words into your resume!

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