Your Resume File Name

I have briefly touched on the subject before but after hearing firsthand what potential employees were doing I decided to write an entire blog post on the subject.  It may seem obvious but apparently not that obvious! That is, what you call your file names when submitting for job postings.

I thought I had heard it all but one of my HR friends called me the other day to share what came across their desk. The potential candidates file name was-

“first name last name company name year”

Okay, so that is perfect, right? Wrong! The company name was for the wrong company and the year was 2011. Was it possible that the candidate regurgitated a resume from two years ago and didn’t even try and tailor it? My HR friend admitted to opening the resume file but only because they were curious to see if they had changed the file but mentioned that if they were busy or had others pending to review they wouldn’t have even bothered.

This may seem silly and completely innocent but what you call your file name can be completely damaging to your job search. Other possible damaging file names include:

  • Resume v2 (or any other version)
  • Resume 2013
  • Resume Final_2013
  • Smith01
  • Jane Smith Oct 21 2012

And obviously, any hundreds of concoctions that mean nothing to anything!

I recommend:

  • First Name Last Name Resume – such as Jane Smith Resume


  • First Name Last Name Position Applying For – such as: Jane Smith_Marketing Manager

Taking the time to properly save your resume is just one more step to ensuring you are painting the picture you want – a professional employee.