Your Job Searching Plan

At some point or other you come to the decision that you need to start up your job search. Whether it’s an immediate need or a ‘nice to move on’ change you absolutely need to have a plan.

I recommend spending a few days to a week in the initial planning stage.

  1. Ask yourself, what do you want to do?
  2. Take assessments – I recommend StrengthsFinder 2.0 as a great starter assessment to narrow in on your strengths along with a career test such as CareerBuilders Assessment test.
  3. Prepare your resume by either writing it yourself or hiring a professional resume writer.
  4. Update your LinkedIn Profile ensuring everything is tidied up and ready to go. Consider upgrading your account to LinkedIn Premium for Job Searchers (you can remove the ‘Premium’ icon if you are still employed) and even go out and get a professional photo taken.
  5. Get in touch with some of your networking contacts who may be able to assist in the initial stages (someone who had success landing a job recently, hiring managers, people who will support you, etc.)
  6. Review options in your area – are there groups and clubs you could join? Is there a State or County website/building that offers help for job seekers? Courses, networking meetings, etc.

Once you have your groundwork staged and you have a great idea what areas you are most interested in you’re ready to start prepping your job search.

  1. Research potential employers – write a list of your favorite 5-10 and keep an eye on them periodically.
  2. Read professional journals and other career resources and blogs daily.
  3. Talk to someone each day about your job search – not only does this keeps you accountable it also constantly keeps your end goal in mind.
  4. Set up informational interviews and/or coffees with people to chat.

Side-by-side with the continual prepping of your job search is the actual searching.

  1. Browse online job boards and newspapers.
  2. Start following companies on LinkedIn and keep an eye on your favorite companies every few days.
  3. Attend job fairs and networking events.

Looking for a new job is essentially a full-time job and you need to ensure that not only do you have a plan for the end result you also need to plan each day so you are holding yourself accountable and motivated. Celebrate the small wins by treating yourself or sharing the news with family and friends and remember to always keep the end goal in mind. Having a plan and keeping to it will ensure you don’t have a long drawn out process and you’ll enjoy a win sooner rather than later!