The Value of a Professional Resume Writer

I had an interesting conversation the other day with an acquaintance about the value of a professional resume writer. In this industry, like many, there are believers and there are doubters. Take me for example; I believe I can paint walls so why would I hire a professional house painter? Well, my plans for painting the interior walls of my house has gone something like this –

$X amount of dollars buying paintbrushes, rollers, trays, sanding paper, spackle… oh, and of course, paint, lots of it. One set of ruined clothes (I’m apparently not as good a painter), and the big item – my time. The hours I have invested in painting a mere 4 rooms and a hallway has left me exasperated. That first exciting roll of paint has switched to me bailing on my entire upstairs for another summer. The thought alone of painting makes me cringe. I’m honestly not that bad, I just realized that painting a house takes days not hours.

The same is true for resume writing. Of course anyone can do it, there’s templates online, great articles on best ‘buzz words’ and if you’re really eager, videos and webinars. But consider the effects on your time. We’re not talking a simple, paint job; once you’re done you’re done. With your resume, once written, you need to begin using it and applying for jobs. Let’s do some math:

X hours to write a resume + Y hours to job search = X+Y x your value of time

Some people say their value of time is $25/hour, others (the entrepreneurial spirit who values their family/free time may say $200)

So let’s assume-

4 hours to write a resume + 5 hours/week to job search for 3 months = 64 hours

64 hours is invested in your career search. If your value of time rate is $25, you’ve now spent $1600.00.

Not everyone is lucky enough to land a job within three months using only 5 hours per week. I wish it were possible but I’m sure many of you know that you’ve been looking much longer than three months, and possibly much more into the 10-15 hours a week (or if unemployed, possibly closer to 30-40 hours/week).

Now consider just some of these results –

After a company downsize an executive came to Simply Great Resumes looking for assistance. After writing the executive’s resume they received calls almost immediately and within 2 months the executive began working at a Fortune 500 company.

Relocating to a new city with aspirations to working at a specific company, a professional sought out our services because they couldn’t get in the door with an interview. Spending 2 years trying the client submitted their new resume and cover letter that Simply Great Resumes wrote and within a few weeks received a call and an interview.

Another client didn’t even feel compelled to write his resume. As a referral, he came to us and we wrote a resume and cover letter that landed a call from every company applied to and the entire job search was wrapped up within a month!

Everyone has different results based on their industry, experience, and career aspirations; however the same story can apply to all. They all realized the value of a professional resume writer because they valued their time. How long can you afford to stay in your same position? I didn’t mention above but many of my clients also notice quite the pay bump in addition to a speedy job search.

As one client mentioned, he wanted to know that the resume he was applying with was getting noticed and he didn’t feel confident with the one he had written. Not wanting to face the potential that he was wasting his time job searching and using his own resume he hired us.

Consider the value of your time. How much could it cost you to write your own resume versus hiring a professional? At the end of the day it’s an investment into your future.

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