The Results Are In: Why Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile Helps

I am often asked what the value of a professionally written LinkedIn Profile is and to be honest, for each client the answer may be different. The question to ask is, what is your goal?
Personal branding and a consistent message
Job search visibility
Or… simply to be found.

With each goal a strategy needs to be determined, just like a resume strategy. A whole picture needs to be painted of not just what you do but what do you bring, what are your passions, focus, and goals. Someone in a job search has much different needs than a salesperson building their personal and company brand.

I decided to run an experiment with a client recently and took note of what one week looked like with a completely updated LinkedIn profile. The results were astounding-

In 1 week…

  • Client received 4 LinkedIn messages about potential positions that were a good match from recruiters/hiring managers
  • 7 profile views in 5 days versus 19 total views over 90 days
  • Increased profile rank by 41%, achieving position in top 10% of 14’000 members on LinkedIn within their company

Imagine what 1 month will look like! I also can’t help but wonder what the results may have been if the account was a LinkedIn Premium account versus just the Basic.

Now, to be fair, not all clients will have a similar experience. It can come down to marketability, skills, industry, experience level, education, certifications, and so much more. But the fact remains that a well-crafted, keyword targeted LinkedIn profile will be a much stronger contender than one that is not.