Starting Your First Week

To continue on the series from the last few weeks, job preparedness is key when starting out your first week of work. There are a few simple things you can do to ensure your first week is not only productive but also smooth sailing!

These simple items include:

  • Wednesday Start Date
  • Review your wardrobe and prepare
  • Requesting materials ahead of time
  • Ensure a quiet first week
  • Basic preparedness

Just like preparing to start job searching you should prepare for your first week at your new job. My first recommendation is when organizing your start date see if you can start on a Wednesday. The first week is extremely overwhelming and if you start on a Monday, by Thursday you’ll be exhausted! Unfortunately however, this seems an almost difficult feat to land a mid-week start date as most companies prefer a new hire to start on a Monday.

I also recommend contacting your new manager and your Human Resources contact to find out what the dress code is. Review your wardrobe ahead of time and plan a shopping trip if the attire is different than what you already own (or you feel you need to replace some more worn clothes that you got away with wearing at your previous company). Send suits and shirts off to the dry cleaner or plan an ironing day so you have as little stress the day before you start as possible.

On top of finding out the dress code also ask if there are any materials you should brush up on or read prior to starting. There may be some documentation that your new manager can supply you with that will give you a little better understanding of a product or service that you will be hearing a lot about in your new field. Not only will you feel less overwhelmed during the first few days because you already have familiarity of a topic you will also show your new manager that you are eager to start – a win win!

During your first week you will want to make sure your personal schedule is quieter so you can ‘wind down’ each night and get enough sleep.  Also make sure you have your alarm set at least 30 minutes earlier so you’re not late (especially for the first week). Make sure you find out the policy for tardiness and who you should contact if something delays you.

On top of waking up earlier, I also recommend picking out your outfit the night before. As crazy as this may be, it’s amazing what little things can speed up your morning and remove stress!

Many find the first week stressful at a new job, to make it slightly easier you should attempt to be as prepared as possible. Last minute runs to the store or changes to your plans can throw your emotional balance off course.  These simple steps will hopefully keep you from feeling too overwhelmed! Best of luck!