Simply Great Resumes Utilizes Proven Credible to Validate Testimonials



A Professional Resume Writing company offers human-verified testimonial service to prove credibility in the industry. 

MINNEAPOLIS, MN.—Apr. 16, 2013—Simply Great Resumes, a Minneapolis-based professional resume writing company enlists the help of Proven Credible, a reputation management organization to guarantee all testimonials received by customers.

Providing resume writing services for entry-level and students, professionals, and executives, Simply Great Resumes realized the importance of proving credibility and recognition in an industry flooded with online presence and unknown locations.

Showing our customers that we are a legitimate organization that is successful is so important when so many websites hide behind fake testimonials and data,” says Kerry Gustafson, owner and chief resume writer at Simply Great Resumes. “I hesitate whenever I purchase something online that is not from a popular website. I want to give my clients the best experience when they come to knowing that they are not being scammed and that’s what Proven Credible does for us.”

Proven Credible is a reputation management firm that verifies and authenticates testimonials to help companies reduce buyer resistance. Each testimonial is human-verified by Proven Credible to remove any doubt that the testimonials received by Simply Great Resumes are fabricated or ‘made up.’

About Simply Great Resumes:

Simply Great Resumes has been aiding job seekers and students for over seven years providing professionally written resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, and LinkedIn® profiles. With a passion for writing and helping others, SGR’s vision is to make their clients’ job search easier and they take pride in assisting clients with landing their perfect career.