Simply Great Resumes Giving Back to Job Seeking Community


With a desire to help job seeking Americans, Simply Great Resumes announces a summer-long discount opportunity for the unemployed. Savings upwards of $300.00!

For Immediate Release:

May 21, 2013 – Minneapolis, MN – Simply Great Resumes is excited to announce a resume writing discount geared towards unemployed Americans. Unemployment is difficult and many job seekers are unfamiliar with the changes to the resume, still sending resumes with job objectives and or not tailoring them to specific positions. Additionally, many are not using social media tools to their advantage. Simply Great Resumes wants to change that by offering a summer-long discount on all resume writing packages, including the popular Job Seekers Package to help ‘recruit America’ and get workers back to work. Additionally, Simply Great Resumes is providing a tutorial on how to job search better.

“It’s overwhelming how difficult the job market is these days. Many job seekers are resorting to tactics that worked in the past and not realizing that the market has changed,” says Kerry Gustafson, Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and owner of Simply Great Resumes. “At Simply Great Resumes, our goal is to help unemployed workers by not just writing a resume but showing them how to get results. It is no longer advisable to send a general resume out to 50 companies and expect to have great success, it’s a new game and job seekers need to learn the rules.”

To obtain this unemployment special receiving 30% off, simply use promotional code – RECRUIT AMERICA at checkout.

About Simply Great Resumes: 
Simply Great Resumes is a professional resume writing service that has been aiding job seekers and students since 2004. As certified professional resume writers, Simply Great Resumes prepares tailored resumes for students, professionals, and executives, as well as cover letters, thank you letters, and LinkedIn® profiles. With a passion for writing, editing, and helping others, Simply Great Resumes’ mission is to make their clients job search simple and successful, being one of the leading professional resume writing services in the U.S.