It’s Tax Time… Resumes and Job Seeking Expenses are Deductible!

It’s that time of year again, the time that you either dread or love (depending on if the government owes you money or visa versa)… Tax Time!

Did you know that if you are currently seeking employment many of your job seeking expenses are tax deductible? Yes, it’s true.  So if you have your resume professionally written, drove to some job interviews, or used an outplacement agency last year, all of those expenses are typically deductible.

On the website, they do a great job outlining what can and cannot be deducted.  You can find that information here: (see page 5)

Of course, Simply Great Resumes recommends you consult a tax advisor/professional regarding your situation but the above two links give you a good idea of what the IRS considers “reasonable job searching expenses”.

If you are still looking for a job and are not getting the results you desire, why not hire a professional resume writer to give you the edge over your competition?  It’s tax deductible AND can help you get an interview for the dream job you have always wanted.