How’s your attitude?

Are you frustrated with your job or your job search? Be honest with yourself, how long have you been frustrated? Could it possibly be your attitude?

This week I’ve had a few discussions with a couple of acquaintances who are exasperated with their job search and current working situations. Wondering what they’ve done wrong and where should they turn. Interestingly, their paths are similar and so are their attitudes:

1. They both feel they should be making more money purely because of how long they’ve been working (over 10 years)

2. They complain about being passed up for opportunities, informing me of how unfair the company’s are giving excuses about being ‘male dominated’ or ‘younger’ than they are. 

3. They don’t keep a job for much more than a year due to each company being ‘unfair.’

You may be reading this thinking firstly, I’m summing them up to simply or judging, and yes, I will admit, I am (and it helps that I know both of their working habits). Within seconds of speaking with both, their ‘bad attitudes’ presented themselves. Feeling like the victim, they complain about the company, its workers, the workload, and all things in between, but miss the most vital part – themselves. Both have somehow unluckily landed in similar companies  multiple times – how does this happen!? We’ve all worked for less than perfect companies, but managing to hit 5 unpleasant ones in a row seems extremely unlucky! My sarcasm is hopefully noticeable – the issue isn’t always with the company but the individual. 

Can you imagine how this attitude is presenting itself to current and future employers, at networking events, co-workers, and so forth? If I saw this attitude in the workplace I can guarantee you I would promote someone with less experience with a great attitude over someone with a bad attitude. I wouldn’t want this ‘virus’ to spread. Yes, maybe this is unfair because experience should out-win attitude but at the end of the day, I want someone who wants to be there and not just complain.

So how do you alter your attitude? Firstly, realize that at the end of the day, you control your future. If you’re unhappy, fix the issue. Find ways to enjoy your time outside of work. Look to find parts of your job that you enjoy, and realize that sometimes the company really isn’t a good fit. I’ve always felt that you either like the company or like the people and rarely you find both. Additionally, every company you go to there will be things you like and things you don’t. It’s only natural – unless you own your own company you’re at the will of others. Figure out what you like, big companies where you may be a number but enjoy great benefits and have opportunities to move, small companies where you know everyone and can see your work make a difference for the company but may also notice more gossip and less opportunities to move around.

Also, find ways to realize that if you change your attitude at work, you may see more opportunities – at the end of the day, no one wants to have a bad attitude in the workplace and if you claim you don’t have one take a good honest look, think about how much you complain about your job and think again! Your attitude is c-through, and it does affect your future careers.