Figuring Out Your Salary Range

Job searching seems to be one of the most complicated tasks these days and it is so difficult to know where to start. The obvious place to start is to put together your resume, figure out your goals, what your ideal next move is, and then begin. Many forget that you also want to put some time into figuring out your salary range.  Spending some time figuring out your salary range can be the difference between getting a raise in your new position or taking a paycut.  So don’t wait until you are in the interview and the employer asks you for a salary range you are looking for, instead narrow this down ahead of time.

Here are a few tools that can really help you in finding what your salary range should be: and allow you to enter information including education, experience, and location (city/state) and produce an approximate salary range based on the position/title you searched for.

Additionally, the use of job posting boards to establish your salary range is extremely helpful. It can take some time but researching jobs that closely match what position/title you are considering and looking at the salary information posted by the company will give you an idea of what the typical position pays. Obviously not all companies display this information but you may be able to narrow in on a close range using this information and tools such as and

Networking is another great tool you can use to establish a salary range. If you know of people in the field, asking them what their thoughts are may give you some guidance. I don’t recommend asking straight out what someone else is earning but it’s completely acceptable to ask what kind of range that position may start at, etc.

Figuring out your salary range can be extremely challenging and sometimes you may find that you alter what your range is once you start applying for positions and interviewing. With the tools available on the web and the ability to use your network for assistance, the confusion of what range is acceptable should be eased greatly.