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Are You a LinkedIn® Member?

Almost 4 years ago I took the plunge and opened a LinkedIn® account. Not really knowing the purpose of LinkedIn®, I essentially went through the steps without much consideration. At the time I was thinking- “This will be great, I’ll open the account and connect with past employees and acquaintances and not do anything more.” […]

Cover Letters – Are They Optional?

Have you ever noticed when applying for positions online that you need to either upload or paste your resume, but have an ‘option’ of uploading/pasting your cover letter? How ‘optional’ is it really? Let’s not kid ourselves – if we could get out of doing it, why wouldn’t we! Job searching takes an abundance of […]

Job-Specific Resumes – Are they worth the time and effort?

Do you have just one general resume that you continually send out to the void and hope something sticks? The great debate on resume quality versus quantity is certainly applicable when it comes to job searching. Although it is important to have a ‘general’ resume, it is equally important that you tailor your resume to […]