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How To Stand Out In An Interview

How to set yourself apart from everyone else is one of the hardest things to do in an interview. Face it; no matter how great your experience, how extensive your education or how perfect your personality, there will always be a competitor who scores just a tiny bit higher than you do. So what can […]

What Questions Do You Have? The Interview Basics

By Phil Berbig Over the years I have had the opportunity to interview people for a variety of different positions. No matter what I was interviewing for, there was always one thing that could almost instantly shut down the conversation; at the end of my inquiries, I would ask the prospective employee, “What questions do […]

Oh the crazy things job seekers do…

By Phil Berbig Sometimes it’s hard to know if people do unusual things because they don’t know they are doing them or because they actually think it’s okay.  Case in point; the things job seekers sometimes do when they are interviewing for that dream job…or even just that filler job to tide them over till […]

Clothes Don’t Matter

Twenty years ago I would have argued; what a person wears has nothing to do with how well they do their job. I would have said, it doesn’t matter if one person wears old jeans and a tee shirt and another wears an Armani suit to work, both can be just as effective. Then I […]