2014 New Years Resolutions

As we transition into a new year I always take a few hours to contemplate my previous year. I find it’s easy to fall prey to what I didn’t do and what mistakes I made but I force myself to focus on my successes too. Nothing energizes me more than building my next year’s plan off things I didn’t quite accomplish in the previous year.

I’ve found many people have similar resolutions from year to year – get a new job, make more money, lose weight, eat healthier, find a mate…  I like my counterparts have my own and of course are in their own way grandiose. As I reflect this year I realize that I didn’t have as many missteps like in previous years and that’s because I attempted a new system:

Instead of throwing five things up for resolutions at the start of the year I prioritized my resolutions and attempted to take ‘smaller chunks’ focusing on one resolution for one quarter in an effort not to overload my life with change. Change is hard and finding time to stay dedicated to change is sometimes even harder.

So maybe try with me this year to focus on just one resolution for 3 months and set up calendar reminders to progress to your next resolution as you see fit. If you are one who makes just one resolution (like eating healthier or finding a new job), try something new this year – find a way to keep this on your mind because if you’re like me, the moment I get busy my resolutions are the last thing I think about!

If you are looking for a new job this year, start with planning your job search. Write down your career goals, get your resume and other career documents updated, and identify your targets. Sometimes you may have an ‘ideal’ company or maybe just simply a ‘mid-sized technology company.’ Then start to network, find out who you know who can help you. Build a strong team consisting of people who will help you with connecting you to companies but also people who will keep you motivated and remind you of your great assets. Also remember, you need to interview the company just as much as the company needs to interview you. If you feel it’s not a good fit then keep searching. The last thing you want to do is to take a job that you will regret.

I found an interesting list of the 10 best apps to keep resolutions –

10 Best Apps to Keep Resolutions

Just in case you need a little help, take a peek at a few handy-dandy apps to keep you on track.

Fooducate – If you want to eat healthier, this free app for iOS and Adroids is a must-have! Simply scan the barcode on your grocery products and find out what nutritional grade the product receives.

Lose It! – If you want to get in shape this year, Lose It! is a must-have! This free app is for Android and iOS.

Nutrino – This free app will build a personalized menu for you tailored specifically for your needs.

Human – This free app for iOS helps keep you moving and uses location tracking to measure your activity.

Buy Me a Pie – Never forget anything at the grocery store again with this handy app. Save time and money by managing and synchronizing that grocery list with other family members. Available for iPad, iPhone, Android devices, this app is not free- it’s $2.99.

Cessation Nation – If kicking the habit is your goal for the New Year, Cessation Nation is the app for you!

Quit Now! – This free tool will keep track of how much money you’ve saved, how long it’s been since your last cigarette and help you cope with anxiety.

Mint Personal Finance – This free app, for Androids, iOS and Windows Phone, helps keep track of your budget and saving goals.

BillGuard – This free app includes colorful graphs and charts to help you lower your monthly expenses.

Take a Break – Need to unwind a little? Check out this free app for iOS and Androids and relax with 7 or 13-minute meditation sessions.

Read the full article here – http://www.examiner.com/article/popular-new-year-s-resolutions-free-apps-top-tips-to-help-keep-resolutions