2013 Job Searching Blues

It’s dark outside, and if you’re in my neck of the woods, it’s below freezing too, traffic will be a bear between the black ice and snow, and worst yet, you’re still hoping to fulfill your 2013 New Year’s Resolution – landing a new job because let’s face it, it’s a challenge to go to a job you dislike. As you look back over the year you’re probably wondering, what happened… how did it get to November and I’m still in the same job?

Job searching can be challenging and many people get stuck along the way and then usually unmotivated. Do you know what your major pitfall is?

1. Do you have a resume? If yes, go to question 3.

2. If you don’t have a resume, why not? Do you not like writing a resume; do you feel you don’t have experience? Hiring a resume writer not only aids with writing your resume, they also motivate you through the process of the job search. Consider them you’re personal Job Searching Coach, someone who wants you to succeed and get results.

3. Are you getting results from your resume? If yes, go to question 5.

4. If you’re not getting calls to set up interviews then something is not working with your resume or positions you are applying for.

a. If you are applying for positions within your experience level then this tells me there’s something wrong with your resume. Possibly it’s too lengthy, unprofessional, or just the run of the mill. When hiring managers receive 100’s to 1000’s of resumes for a position, you need to stand out. Working with a professional resume writer helps you with this and provides you a greater chance of landing a phone interview/in person interview.

b. If you are applying for positions that don’t align with your experience you need to ask yourself how you can make yourself more appealing. Do you have transferable skills? Or, are you desperate to get any job that you’re just randomly applying? Consider re-writing your resume to meet the position or work with a professional resume writer if you truly want to complete a career change. Or, if you’re applying for positions that don’t fit, consider narrowing your job search to land a phone/in person interview.

5. If you are landing interview but not offer letters consider reviewing your interview skills. Are you practicing before going into an interview or are you winging it? Are you professionally dressed? Are you prepared? Do you get nervous?
You need to establish what the issue is to be successful. Interview coaches can aid you with this exploration.

Job searching can be a process but one that is achievable. With everything, practice makes perfect, and in this area, there are tools available to you to allow you to succeed. Before you let another year pass you by, why not rekindle your job search and start 2014 out with a new opportunity!